Temporary fencing

SMART / SMART Light system is recommended for fencing construction sites, industrial sites and roads. The panels of the system consist of a durable steel frame filled with T18 trapezoidal sheet having a thickness of 0.45mm, and the whole construction is protected with a zinc and/or paint coating.

Fully closed SMART / SMART LIGHT system

  • Effectively protect against noise, dust
  • Tightly fences construction sites
  • Resistant to wind
  • Painted in any RAL colour


Closed SMART System connects durability and functionality. The structure is made of a steel frame filled with trapezoid sheet (T18, thickness: 0.45 mm). SMART fencing is secured against corrosion by galvanisation and optionally paint coated. The most important advantages of the system are easy replacement of sheets and perfect stability of the entire structure on any ground. The high quality of the SMART system is confirmed by a positive opinion of the Institute of Construction and Rock Mining Mechanisation.


This version is based on the solutions used in the SMART systems, but with a smaller sheet thickness, which translates to smaller weight. The fill constitutes of T18 trapezoid sheet, secured against corrosion through galvanisation and/or paint coating. Each span is complete with: a foot, clamp, support and anchors. The mature technology allows easy and quick assembly.

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