Openwork MOBILT System is recommended for the enclosure of construction areas, industrial areas and roads, where discretion against the curious eyes of passers-by or protection against dusting are not required.

Openwork MOBILT system

  • Lightweight construction allowing for quick repositioning
    and easy assembly
  • The most commonly used in areas exposed to strong wind
  • Possibility of installation of tarpaulin / screen

Solid temporary fencing, widely used during road repair works or in industrial areas. The durability of the system is ensured by using a steel frame filled with welded bars, secured against corrosion by galvanisation. The Openwork MOBILT temporary fencing may be used for many years, also in the difficult conditions of the construction areas. With the wide range of accessories, it is possible to use the openwork fencing with the SMART full fencing.


Openwork MOBILT SUPER is openwork temporary fencing with a special high strength system, which is suitable for frequent relocation and very intense use. With the steel pipes that increase panel stiffness, it is perfectly suitable in the most difficult conditions of use (e.g. in construction areas). Galvanised steel bars and pipes are resistant to both corrosion and mechanical damage. The Openwork MOBILT SUPER temporary fencing also features high functionality — each panel may be easily used as a gate (using the special hinge and wheel).


The openwork fencing system based on welded bars and a steel frame features small weight and low height. It is the perfect solution not only during repair or road works, but also during mass events. The Openwork MOBILT HALF temporary fencing is secured against corrosion through galvanisation, which increases its durability and allows many years of use. The main advantage of the system is full portability combined with easy disassembly without the necessity of using special tools.

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