Steel platforms, also referred to a landing, is an element of steel stairs. This is mostly a plate that constitutes a beginning or an end of a flight of stairs in one-storey buildings, or an element connecting two points, e.g. an access to neighbouring machines. In multi-storey system it is a steel plate separating flights of stairs, i.e. a landing between storeys.

Platform is a functional and architectural structural element of the structure of steel stairs. Steel platform is designed to allow free and safe access to individual rooms or storeys.


Platformy obsługowe i komunikacyjne do zbiorników to poziome pomosty na, wokół lub pomiędzy zbiornikami wielkogabarytowymi, konstrukcyjnie z nimi połączone. Montowane jako droga komunikacyjna oraz w celu obsługi zbiornika.

Wyposażenie dodatkowe zależne jest od warunków eksploatacyjnych. Są to: barierki i balustrady staloweschody stalowe czy drabiny techniczne i inne.


  • steel platforms allow traffic in several directions
  • steel platform serving is a place to rest resulting from standards – in technical buildings height of above 4 metres – the required platform at height of up to 3 metres, in public utility buildings the platform occurs after exceeding 17 steps, in health care buildings – 14 steps, exterior – 10 degrees
  • steel platform allows to change the direction of the stairs in case of straight stairs
    steel platform increases the strength of steel stairs
  • steel platform allows installation of another filling, as on the steps, to highlight a particular steel structure


Supporting of steel platforms is made depending on development conditions, i.e. realisation of columns, consoles, mounting to a dedicated customer’s structure.

The design department selects construction profiles in accordance with applicable standards and development conditions, taking into account the investor’s requirements and suggestions.

The structure of steel platforms is thoroughly verified and designed by an experienced team of engineers and designers.

Steel stair platforms produced by TLC are made in accordance with Polish, European and global standards. In Poland, applicable is the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location, for industrial access stairs applicable is the standard PN ISO-14122 – Safety of machinery – Permanent means of access to machinery – Part 1-4. Eurocodes and other construction standards.

The company TLC performs individual projects – steel traffic platforms, steel platforms for silos, steel platforms for industrial machinery, access platforms.

In many cases, steel platforms have complex shapes and structures. They are likely to work in extreme conditions. Therefore, they are properly protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanization, application of paint coatings with a resistance suitable for a given environment.


Steel platform gratings are mounted to the structure with steel spacing brackets. They guarantee a greater strength and stability of the entire steel platform. By using this solution, installation of steel platforms is simple, fast, safe and aesthetic.

Mounting the steel grating to structural profile,
Combining two steel gratings together with a clamp coupler.
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