Steel stairs are constructions, the main purpose of which is to overcome differences in levels. They are the necessary equipment of industrial facilities, halls, technological lines, multi- and single-family housing.

Stairs are divided into:

  • internal stairs (inside the building)
  • external stairs (outside the building)
  • terrain stairs (as a separate structure)

Steel stairs, according to the end use application, are classified as follows:

  • main (representative) stairs,
  • basement stairs,
  • emergency stairs,
  • technical stairs (providing access to devices).


The produced by TLC internal and external steel stairs can be classified into two main groups: technical stairs used in industry and stairs used in public availability places. Constructions of stairs are divided into modules, allowing for quick and easy assembly. Durability and reliability are guaranteed by the design based on the applicable national standards.


Depending on the assembly site and conditions of use, we recommend a strictly defined system of corrosion protection. Every element of the stairs is subject to hot dip galvanizing acc. to EN ISO 1461 (DIN 50976) or spray painting or powder coating with RAL or optionally NCS colors. The stairs are durable and resistant to mechanical damage, while being lightweight, which ensures quick and easy assembly and disassembly.


TLC as an international manufacturer and supplier of steel stairs makes every effort to ensure that the products present the highest quality and durability. Years of experience have made us to develop methods which have become standard in the steel construction industry.


TLC recommends designs using standard materials available from the manufacturer. This allows for significant reduction of the completion time and cost optimization. On customer request it is possible to implement designs with the use of unusual materials and solutions.

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